About Us

If we're going to get technical, Paint & Prose has been in the works for over 10 years, since this business is essentially the creative manifestation of our friendship, which began when we met at a training for our new jobs teaching (Lindsay: Art; Abbie: Spanish) at the same Christian private high school in East Texas.

Sadly, though, both our schedules and our lives were too different to allow for close friendship at that point. In fact, our paths didn't cross much again until 7ish years + 8 babies later when we joined the same Bible study.

Even then, it took us 3 years of ever-deepening friendship before we ever thought about working together.

But one rainy day, while we hoofed it around the track at the gym, talking about deep things like passions versus realistic life expectations, Abbie looked at Lindsay and said, "What if we combined our talents--your painting and my writing--and made art together? You know--shared the load?"

Really, Abbie?  This is "sharing the load?"

Lindsay's response? "YES!" (Abbie might have jumped a little at her enthusiasm). We had no idea what it would look like, what it would be called, how we would find the time to slip it in between the cracks of motherhood and family businesses and blogs and--well--life. But little by little, we did.

We planned and sketched and revised for months.

We decided on a name: Paint (Lindsay) & Prose (Abbie).

And then we got serious. AKA: got Shaun, Abbie's husband, to help us figure out the business and technological aspects of this little dream of ours.

And just like that, two became three, and we were a team.

Shaun may not be in this picture, but that's because he's behind the lens taking it, which is a pretty good representation of the kind of work he does--essential but unseen.

And us? We're just two tired, busy mamas enjoying an outlet that makes work feel like fun and desiring to encourage and inspire the everyday wife...mother...girl and use our God-given talents to bring Him all the glory.


Have some feedback or print ideas?  We'd love to hear from you!  Just drop us an email at shop@paintandprose.com.  You can also follow us at the following social media accounts: